Thursday, February 9, 2012

Make-up, Make-up, and more Make-up

Its been a while guys! 
All my new make-up finally came in so I figured Id show you guys my collection entire collection, old and new!

Lets start with my "tools". These are my e.l.f cosmetics brushes, mirror and eyelash curler. I really love the e.l.f line of cosmetics. They're really cheap and quite good for the price. That pink thing there is my cheap dollar store razor that I use on my brows. I mean to be honest, my natural eyebrows are thick and beastly. 

My lovely drug store eyeshadows! I have to say wet n wild, all the eyeshadows at the top, are my absolute favorite! I love the pigments so very much. Those are actually the ones I use the most. I wouldnt suggest L.A. colors unless you have some kind of eyeshadow primer that will help the pigment pop. 
"Eye Charm" is a Japanese brand eyelash/double eyelid glue that I bought from ebay. Two for a little over $1! To the right of that is my eyebrow/lip liner pencil that I got from the dollar store. Its pretty good when paired with a primer. The rest are my drugstore mascaras and eyeliners. If I have to suggest a must have it'd be the L'oreal  Extra Volume Collagen boost mascara and the Black Radiance eyeliner. That white stick there is just a white creme that I place under my eyes to make them pop.
My blushes and bronzers. Once again Id have to say that my favorite are my Black Radiance products because of the amount of pigment in them. All of these blushes are good except for the L.A. colors. :( They dont even show up on my skin. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush and Mineral Bronzer are really good but a bit expensive for a drugstore brand. Thankfully i got them for free! The two in the tube are e.l.f blushes, they're pretty good blushes but do better if paired with a nice powder blush. I actually use the copper one as a highlighter!

The 3 silver tubes of lipstick are just generic beauty supply store buys. They are actually pretty good. Next there's my Gold and Black tubed Black Radiance lipsticks. Very pigmented and  I havent really gotten bold enough to wear the darker maroon color yet. In the Black and Silver tubes is another generic brand "NYC" I love these two colors. They are very natural looking. To the far left is my nude lip stain, Maybelline SuperStay Powergloss! This product is great for when I dont want to bring too much attention to my lips while still keeping them glossed and sexy!

Concealers (MaryKay and Lancome), Too faced eyeshadow primer ( $18 but I LOVE it), E.L.F primer a bit oily but pretty good for only $6. And last but not least my lovely foundation. I bought Make Up Forever because I really havent found any drugstore brand that perfectly matches my skin tone. 
 Sorry the picture is soooo crappy on these, but here are my lashes. Brand new. Bought from a seller on ebay for $1.49 for 2 pairs.
Well thats all for this post! Thanks for checking and please feel free to leave a comment and ask questions!

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