Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Splurge n Such

So recently I splurged on a lot of things I dont need but really want! I cant wait for them all to come in!! I promise Ill take pictures and post them up here A.S.A.P

Well there isnt much more to report on. I just didnt want to leave my blog unattended to!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gyaru on a Budget- Do's and Dont's

  • I always make a list of the things I want. It helps to see them on paper (or screen) before just going around and throwing them in my shopping cart.
  •  Next I go price checking. Slow and steady wins the race. This step is very important. Nothing sucks more than buying a 20 dollar top then seeing another shop has the same or (similar item) for 10. Admittedly there will be items that aren't going to be as cheap as you'd like them to be, especially if they are trending. 
  • Buy ahead of the season, or right after. Every gal loves a good sell right? Nothing like stocking up for winter stuff once all the spring clothes go on sale. If you're worried that the item wont be trending by winter of next year, just stick with essentials. For example gals who like rokku fashion would probably buy a leather coat while gals who like softer styles would go for a nice pair of basic solid color knee/ankle high boots.
  • Don't be afraid of thrift stores or second hand shops. They can be your best friend!!! Prices are usually tons cheaper though you might have to fix a few zippers or replace a button.
  • *D.I.Y! I've recently starting doing my own clothing projects and its super fulfilling and easy on my pockets. When I go to thrift stores I always see a couple of items and think "Wow, this would be really cute if...". Finally I just decided why don't I just buy it and modify it! Dont throw away that old pair of jeans or t-shirt! Maybe they could be turned into a nice pair of shorts or a skirt. 
  • *I see a lot of gyaru , excuse the term, "shitting bricks" over gyaru brands. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE gyaru brands and would give my right arm for some D.I.A./CHEER but it doesn't make sense to break the bank on a couple of items just because of brand. There are plenty of American shops that provide clothing similar to the ones gyarus in Japan wear. Besides if you cant find it in stores there is always ebay!
  •  *The same "shop around" ideals apply for wigs, weaves, hair items etc. Personally I cruise through youtube to see what other people are wearing. Once I find something I like, I type the name into google and go from there. If you can actually go to a hair shop and see the wigs before you buy, I suggest doing that. Don't feel pressured to buy from that one shop! If you can, go look at other places and check their prices.

 I  realize for some people this might seem like an "well duh" kind of post but I hope this helps a few of you guys out!

*I will be posting some of my D.I.Y items and where I shop later on.

Cherry Popped

Hey you guys!
Well I finally decided to make a blogger! I dont really go out and do much BUT Ill try to keep this blog as interesting and informative as I possibly can!
Name: Kels
Location: Los Angeles (K-town), California
F.Y.I: Im very docile, nice and laid back. Im not new to the whole gyaru (internet) scene but for years I kind of floated around in the shadows.  Ive recently become addicted to D.I.Y projects, some of which Ill be posting here. 

Right now Im going to work on my blog layout, though I promise my next post will have more sustenance!

I also have a tumblr soo...if you'd like to check it out  here you go .